Who We Are

Coffs Harbour Regional Landcare Incorporated (CHRL) is a not-for-profit organisation with the aim of:

  • Promoting the principals of ecological sustainable development (ESD), and increasing understanding of natural resource degradation issues in the local community,
  • Identifying problems relating to the degradation of natural resources in the local area providing a forum for discussion and exchange of ideas,
  • Fostering co-operation between local landholders and land managers and others to plan and seek resources for, to take action on and to monitor the results of natural resource degradation,
  • Assisting members to gain funding,
  • Representing member groups at all levels of government and non-government agencies
  • Employing a Community Support Officer to further the objectives of the organisation.

1991 to 2001 was the Decade of Landcare. At the end of the Decade, there was close analysis of Landcare and its directions.

The outstanding outcome was the strength of community involvement and support. Unfortunately there are still problems nationally in land and water salinity and land degradation.

Landholders along the Orara River have been working to restore the health of the river and were recently awarded the National Award for Rivercare. These and other works have been substantially funded by the Australian Government through the North Coast Local Land Services, Enviro fund, and the Coffs Harbour City Council’s environmental levy.

CHRL has partnered with a number of groups and organisation’s (including Coffs Harbour City Council) to form the Jaliigirr Biodiversity Alliance. As a successful bidder to the Australian Government ‘Clean Energy Future’ Biofund, through a collaboration led by the North Coast Local Land Services  the Alliance will receive $3 million in the next 6 years for its first successful project “The Jaliigirr Project – Connecting Communities & Cultures through Corridors”.

In addition to these large projects, regular workshops are held to assist land carer’s with their individual projects. CHRL also assists groups by organising tools for their members, promoting their events, encouraging new members, and giving information about managing natural resource issues in their area.

Plant Identification Workshop

Plant Identification Workshop


Coffs Harbour Regional Landcare looks forward to brokering further partnerships with the community and government to meet the challenges ahead. Landcare is alive and well in Coffs Harbour.

CHRL is an incorporated entity under the Associations Incorporations Act, 2009. A copy of our constitution can be found here. Coffs Harbour Regional Landcare Constitution

The office of Coffs Harbour Regional Landcare Inc is located at 27 Park Ave, Coffs Harbour or you can contact us at chrl@coffslandcare.org.au