Erosion control, irrigation and fertiliser management and blueberry production: Grower interviews report by Dr Geoff Kaine


Geoff Kaine undertook interviews with 25 local Bluebery Growers and Industry experts in March 2017. The questions related to soil erosion and irrigation issues as well as hydroponic production. Geoff’s report identified which types of industry further training growers would be interested in and how growers intend to change their production system in the future. This project was funded by the National Landcare Program and facilitated by Coffs Harbour Regional Landcare. Click here to read the full report.  Blueberry grower report final

Native plant species suitable for planting on Blueberry farms

Native plants suitable for Blueberry Farms

This plant species list was a handout given out at the ‘Considerations for new blueberry farm set up’ field day held on the  2nd June 2017 at the Bennings Farm, Bucca. It provides a list of native plant species that are suitable for planting in riparian areas on farms or as buffers along farm edges.