We are always seeking new members and volunteers to help with the regeneration and restoration of our coastal dunes and bushland areas. The work is interesting, educational, suitable for all ages and can be fun! Being a volunteer gives you an opportunity to learn about our local natural vegetation, eco-systems, and sustainable agriculture while giving you the chance to care and protect the amazing natural environment of Coffs Harbour.

Becoming part of the Landcare network helps you to meet other people passionate about our environment and with similar interests to you. You can learn from the experiences of other Landcare groups, can access support from government agencies more readily and become better informed about natural resource management. This may be through:

  • Becoming a regular volunteer at a Landcare work site
  • Attending Landcare meetings and conferences
  • Attending regular Landcare field days and training events
  • Receiving the Landcare Newsletter ‘Beach to Bush News’ and other Landcare information material.

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Bush regeneration principles training workshop

Bush regeneration principles training workshop