CHRL Nursery

The Nursery is run by volunteers, located at Woolgoolga, and is open on Monday and Thursday morning. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer at the nursery please see our How to get involved page.

Plants are produced from seed supplied by volunteers and sold at current local prices. CHRL members can access plants on a donation basis where they require plants for CHRL sites that don’t have funding support.

To see a list of what plants are currently available at the nursery please see the link below

Plant Availability list July 2018

Please call the CHRL office on 6651 1308 to find out what plants are available and to get in touch with the nursery.
Nursery policy

We are currently updating our plant species list for future propagation at the Nursery. This is to ensure that we are supplying plants that suitably reflect the vegetation types of our current Landcare sites. We are in the process of sourcing seed for these species.

Updated plant species for seed collection and propagation for Coffs Harbour Landcare Community Nursery